Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Note: this is a total meltdown.

There's a release point with every Royals season, a moment where psychic dissonance shrieks, the numbers tell an awful story, whatever motto they've come up with induces nausea, and life comes back into focus.  Life: friends, family, health, the spirituality of your choice, a good job, fun records to play on the hi-fi, a fizzy glass of ice cold Diet Coke with lots of ice cubes in it.  Nothing good--nothing but a mature, compassionate response to the suffering of everyone's wounded inner child--can come of involving your sense of joy and your sense of happiness with the Kansas City Royals franchise as it exists now--really, since Ewing Kauffman passed away and the whole thing was gutted.  

The best thing that can come of the Kansas City Royals franchise is the possibility that quality players will escape and have a chance at success somewhere else. 

Yesterday my personal Royals season surrender moment was triggered by an article on their website with the headline: Royals Strive For Organizational Balance Through Draft.  What does this mean?  Why do they talk to their fanbase this way? What are they thinking?  What planet are they on?  

If, six weeks ago, they had released two of the historically worst players in baseball (one a first-round pitcher, the other a corner outfielder) and had someone to replace them with, talk of organizational balance might make some kind of sense.  Fans would also know that the era of re-signing mistakes is over.  But this makes no sense.  More and more I am checking out, and it is good for family life and my general sense of ease, not to make this miserable franchise any kind of focus on any level whatsoever.  I look after the  youngster in me who wants to see the team do well, and tell him: it is okay to like The Cardinals.

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