Wednesday, May 23, 2018



After reading this month's feature in Mojo, Ry Cooder Discography Commute Week is going well.  I may be the only participant on my particular route (Shawnee Mission Parkway to I-35 to Lackman).  The music is so good I go slower. 

Without one of those cars with a record player in the dash, I am forced to use Spotify to start at the beginning with the self-titled debut.  I know being methodical with music this laid back is kind of weird, but that is how I roll. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018



We had an excellent Friday night at The Brick and a supportive crowd.  Ian Lenny goaded me into grabbing the mic and singing "Nervous Breakdown" at the end.  That was liberating.  I'm never playing guitar again.

I also saw this flier for BCR.  They were really the first weird band I ever saw, at The Foolkiller on 39th, and that opened me up to other things.  Definitely want to check this show out!

Saturday, May 19, 2018


The Golden Motors (me, Daniel Joseph Schmid, Mike Last, and Scott K) recorded a second album in late 2012 and early 2013, right before Tracy and I moved to KC. Life intervened, in a good way, and this 11-song long-player sat around for a little bit.  It actually rolled over in its egg a number of times and caused minor worldwide earthquakes, radiation spikes, and shooting stars. 

2018 rolled around and I started recording a new record with the Squids at Temple Sound here in KC, and I realized, oops, this one needed to be finished first. I'd call it a loose end, but it's not. It's the sound of friendship and time spent together and lots of Tuesday night practices and Friday night shows in Eugene and Portland and a few other places, like Camp Putt. Micah Kassell designed around one of my doodles, Tom Nunes (not on Facebook because he is busy making stuff and being awesome and super friendly Zen) mixed and mastered it in Salem, Oregon. Chris Ross guests on pedal steel and Pia Robbins provides some groovy keys on a few songs. I play some trombone (that's a warning). 

Each one ships with a neat-o download sticker of my 2003 album One Man Submarine--and drop me a note, I'll catch you up on other titles you may be missing. Download available immediately with pre-order. 

Thanks to everyone who supported us in the Northwest and anyone who ever said to me, hey that's a good song.