Sunday, March 24, 2019


I love this graphic anthology of wisdom and inspiration literature and good quotes, Zen Pencils, drawn by Gavin Aung Than, and published by a KC's own Andrews McMeel Universal.

One of the great things about adopting a rescue pup, besides loving them 100% from the get-go, is how they get more comfortable over time and try new things, like commandeering a basket of lap blankets as a doggie bed and then giving us the "what?" look.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


We hit the road this morning after I snapped this picture outside our temporary home in Brooklyn--kind of melancholy.  

We took a long walk when we got home, pretended we were still on vacation, got frozen yogurt by the library--and I squiggled in my pocket notebook, then jacked around with it on my Galaxy S8.  That and a power nap helped me settle in, along with unpacking and throwing in some laundry.

Our last night out was at Peter Luger, where I had the steak dinner of a lifetime and a vodka martini with three olives.  Seven days felt like seventy--what a feeling.

The crocuses are out in KC and opening day is just around the corner.  It's good to be home, or in the process of getting back home, with a new longing now part of the soul--like when you go to Paris.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Thanks to this wonderful partner and best pal I have had a super supreme epic 50th birthday trip.  Amazing and revitalizing.  Yesterday we made our way around Prospect Park, then took the subway to Jackson Heights and walked up through Corona to Chinatown in Flushing.

A friend recommended Dumpling Galaxy and it is a galaxy I will enjoy visiting again.  (These are pork and hot pepper dumplings.) We were wowed by Jackson Heights, Corona, and Flushing, among the many neighborhoods we have walked.

Seemed a momentous enough day to put one of my favorite designs on the outside at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour (thanks Frank for adding some detail and structure to this).  It took many years of circling around many designs to land on one and it had to stick for a while.  I did it in the spirit of learning, being more direct, putting my stuff out there, preparing artful display and presentation (dashing off a blog doesn't count) in whatever I do whether it is music, writing, art, or a decent grilled cheese sandwich.  One of our guidelines at work is to be both humble and hungry--I like this.  At 50, maybe you've done a few things, but done is done, watch out or you'll get a fork stuck in you.

I've been thinking of my ma today (here pictured with my niece and great nephew)--she saw me do 48 rotations.  And thinking of mentors and teachers at all ages and phases.  I find them everywhere, every day, though I am lucky to know a few close ones.

What birthday would be complete without moseying along and stopping to read a book?  Man I love this series and then I heard Cotterill has decided to end it and put his energies full time into cartooning and illustration.  Hey why not.

I also hit a couple of record stores.

Monday, March 18, 2019


I vowed to keep a decent trip blog but we have been busy walking our feet off and doing stuff.  Last night we saw Rhyton at Union Pool--loved it, and loved seeing Rob play drums again, in this mostly improvised super smart not-jam band.

One of my nerdly bucket list missions was to hit the Film Forum--I saw a sweet animated documentary autobiography about the Georgian artist and puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze, RezoTales of Tales, a classic Russian animated film was the opener. 

I also visited The Society of Illustrators and saw this year's winners on display.

We walked and walked and walked some more, got blisters, went into Chelsea Guitars and saw Mike Campbell browsing; walked the High Line; had an amazing meal at Cervo's; walked some more.

I pilgrimaged to The Strand and got bookstore wig-out lockup where I couldn't really buy anything, then walked all the way to our midtown hotel, past the Empire State Building.  By that time I was kind of done with midtown and ready for our next encampment in Brooklyn.  

One night we went to Russ and Daughter's for dinner and then over to Prune for champagne and dessert.  Rob took me to Otto's Shrunken Head and Manitoba's and an amazing thai place, and I was lucky to meet Tracy's old friends Candace and Amy and spend some time with them and their pal Cey, who kindly showed us his studio.

Time has a funny way of expanding and contracting with so much activity and motion.  I hunkered down at times and finished up Paul Theroux's The Lower River and started a classic 60's manga anthology called Trash Market by Tadao Tsuge.  The Lower River read like a Graham Greene rebuttal to any nostalgia or innocence whatsoever about Western relief efforts in Africa. 

I doodled a bit here and there and saw many youthful indie moustaches.  I guess my equivalent to a youthful moustache was birkenstock sandals in Eugene.  Hug young people, tell them you love them, as they go through difficult phases.