Friday, July 20, 2018



I checked out this record by Egyptology yesterday, kind of spooky ambient synth music for driving through the lunar landscape of Lenexa, KS.

Later I checked out this George FitzGerald techno record and really like it. After a few months of checking out new music and bouncing around from genre to genre (seeming to land on space rock, ambient rock, motorik-guitar music, and African pop and soul much of the time) I fired up Circle Jerks Wild In The Streets

Very comfy and goofy, like an old Chevette full of empty QT fountain drink cups and cassette tapes on the floorboards.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


The Dark Yacht genre is sweeping northernmost Scandinavia, you read it here first. #kdkutz 

I'd never really checked out The Durruti Column and had mentally filed them under New Wave/New Romantic/synth pop for some reason so I was surprised when I gave this a listen and discovered the amazing and intricate guitar playing in a vintage 80's context. What do I know? Nothin'.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


My work pals and I bowled hard and with gusto last night at the Summer Bowl for Kids' Sake.  We met our fundraising goal but you can STILL give here.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great program.

I had a visit with an old friend in town night before last and his kids tipped me off to King Krule. I like this! I hit 'em back with a Ghostpoet referral.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


«Я обещаю верность Флагу Соединенных Штатов 
Америки и Республике, за которую она стоит, 
одна нация под Богом, неделимая, со свободой 
и справедливостью для всех».

Sunday, July 15, 2018


The dog days of summer are here a little early, it seems to me,  so I repaired to The Crossroads this morning and found the perfect reading nook at Thou Mayest to finish The King of King's County, by Whitney Terrell.

If there were a service that offered a bulk rate to send a book to 100 of your friends and family, this would be one of those books.  I don't know if I actually have a hundred friends and family but I would invent 50 or 60 if necessary.  My brother sent it to me in the mail after I sent him The Huntsman a few years back.  Since there isn't such a service, I will have to do that one at a time, which is more fun.

After that I felt the breakfast burrito I'd had earlier was pitifully small, so I grabbed the streetcar up to the River Market.

Then I chilled out with the first episode of Bosch, where I found as good a motto as any, in this shot.

Later I changed out the discolored old guitar strings on my Takamine and had to scrape a decade of gunk off the fretboard, cleaning it up with Formula 409, an angle grinder, bead-blasting, chemical bath, high-pressure washing, blasting caps, leeches, and elbow grease.  It was really gross. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I walked to The Plaza last night at around 6:30 to meet Fritters and Rick at Jack Stack, wearing my go-to-hell sun hat.  It was HOT.  So hot it made me wonder who is studying and planning how to profit from climate change, and what party they donate to.


I asked one of the engineers at work what he was listening to these days and he alerted me to Fullbloods, a KC band that is doing really well. I gave it a spin and countered with an Aztec Camera High Land, Hard Rain referral and a soupcon of Chris Bell. I like Fullbloods--spare, smart, summery pop that reminded me of Beach Fossils a little bit, but with something slinkier at times, an expert soft-rock groove by people who can really play.

I enjoy these music conversations with the younger folks and try to listen, not spew forth my nerddom in response.  But I typically do.  That is what nerds do.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


This dreamy dance album by Hello Skinny has great trombone all over it, by Peter Zummo.