Thursday, April 2, 2009

funny doodles from my journal

I don't know about you, but Facebook has eclipsed my blog, so I'm adding EXCLUSIVE CONTENT here--weird drawings I do in the morning. I've been doing Morning Pages (inspired by The Artist's Way) since '96 & rarely miss a day. Sometimes I go weeks wondering why I do it, and recently changed my handwriting to printing so that I can read them. Sometimes I'll add something funny to the ritual, like a daily drawing. (Lists are another way of writing through total boredom with your usual way of seeing things.) I figure if I do a drawing every day for forty years or something, I might get a couple good ones. I also think these copy-scans look kind of cool, with the spiral and all.

Meantime, my music-listening has been turned upside down by an Ipod. The Ipod shuffle is just the greatest--how else could I discover that Radio Birdman's song "Murder City Nights" is one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever, evoking both The Rolling Stones and The Ramones at hyperspeed? I've had that album for a couple years now, on my laptop, then boom...I'm on the bikepath and find myself using air as a ramp, up and over the softball fields, like E.T. Whoah--I love rock and roll. When Magazine comes on, however, it is a consistent bummer. I don't know why this is. The VU Quine tapes don't really translate to Ipod either.

I came to the end of The Wire this weekend and have queried my Facebook pals about who their favorite character is. Omar comes up alot...Bunk...that show will endure. It may be the Great American Novel we have all been waiting for since...

Brian Gardener and I had a sesh at Big Timbre Saturday, getting drum tracks for three songs--lots of takes, good hard work that was fun. We'll see how it sounds...

So, Tracy and friends threw an amazing 40th birthday for me--a bunch of folks put together a tribute cd and it is HOT STUFF! I'll be putting that up on the Daily Records label site pretty soon...gotta get my crap out of boxes or I'm gonna get weirder than usual.
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