Saturday, February 16, 2013


We are staying this weekend at the Ashland Springs Hotel, in Ashland, and have been blessed with amazing warm and sunny weather. We just got back from a steam/sauna courtesy of our Living Social deal, and have nothing to do today but go to a movie, read, and then go out for dinner at Lark’s tonight, also discounted by the Living Social thing. It’s a good deal. Lark’s is one of my favorite places to eat.

Yesterday, I read Revenge, by Yoko Ogawa, a collection of linked short stories, in a blur. Each story was short, spooky, gothic, and transparent in its spare accumulation of detail. Details began to resonate between the stories in great ways. While it was a spooky book, all of the characters were vulnerably human, not total horrow-show sociopaths. There was also an element of magic realism and the surreal. It’s one of those books I read so fast, with such enjoyment, that I almost feel as if I have inhaled a fine meal without savoring each bite.

Revenge: Stories  

Also made the usual stop at the Ashland Musoc Coop, and drooled over Numero Group comps on vinyl.  (The lavish Codeine reissues made me thing of Patrick Hayden.) Those are the best. That store has a fantastic collection of blues, folk, and country on vinyl, as well as rock and pop stuff, and all of the records are in good condition. I saw the Dennis Wilson reissue on Sundazed but it was triple vinyl for $60. Vinyl prices have definitely gone through the roof, all over. Displaced 20 odd years ago by an inferior and more expensive format, vinyl now takes its place in the market priced above cd’s. Bizarro.  Ah well.  Gotta have music.

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