Thursday, February 21, 2013


DJ Thor invited me to this show the other night--bought this 7" by Cascadia, a BC band, and enjoy it quite alot.  The way sludgy/indie/dreamy pop meets extreme metalisms (mainly in the tag of this number) is pretty fresh, not something I've ever heard before.  I haven't tracked down anything by their tour mates, Weed, but they were fun too.

Dave and I were likely the oldest members of the crowd, and since I am older than he, that made me the very oldest.  Luckily the Lindale Medical van met us at the venue to deliver Grampers, oxygen, new canes, hearing aids, denture glue, and hernia trusses.  Dave's Ride The Lightning walker decals are neat, and my Bad Brains orthopedic toilet seat lifter makes me feel edgy and alternative.
Oddly enough, the only medical incident involved someone in his early twenties, but I had my all-in-one Leatherman and was able to help a youngster who stumbled and fell from: Excessively Pegged Skinny Jeans Syndrome.  The constriction of blood flow around the calves and ankles create a wooden, sleepy feeling in the feet, causing the sufferer to fall and hit whatever is in his/her path.  A small rip in the seam of the skinny jeans, just below the knee down to the cuff, releases the blood flow and the sufferer is able to stand and enjoy amazingly intense music while maintaining a studied lack of affect.  Jeans styled in this improvised way are called "no wave gaters". 

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