Friday, February 4, 2011

I doodled this on my Droid X, using a free app called Pic Paint...stuck in Portland traffic. The phone-that-is-smarter-than-I got a workout this week, on a plaque and donor wall install trip up to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup with Jake Kasper. I learned how to use the GPS navigator and Yelp! app to locate excellent Indian, Greek, and Thai restaurants, as well as how to allign and anchor backer panels. The installation went well, and we were visited at the Hotel Puyallup by a spirit guide we shall call Fluffy. I expected Puyallup to be a small working class city but it seemed more like a well-appointed suburban extension of Tacoma-Seattle area.

Jake also turned me on to the Radio Lab podcasts (also via smart phone, during drive time). That was great edutainment. Got to watch Karate Kid at the motel, too. Combine that with The King's Speech and you have a wax-on/wax-off mentoring movie double feature.

This was a fun one, though the fights they have are serious business, personally and culturally:

I have added a solo show to the calendar: Thursday, March 10 @ The Granary in Eugene, w/ Ezra Holbrook and his band. Ez has a new album called "Save Yourself" and his band features my good friend Tom Nunes on bass. (Tom is mixing The Golden Motors album.) Here's a review of Ez' new slab from The Vinyl Anachronist blog.
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