Monday, February 21, 2011

Yo La Tengo and The Urinals at WOW Hall

This was one of the funnest shows I've seen in a long time--capped with a Yo La Urinals combo take on "Surfing With The Shah." Yo La Tengo had an attention-seeking audience member spin the wheel, and the needle stuck on Dump, so we were treated to an hour of Dump songs by bassist James McNew, including a great Prince cover. He shredded. Their second set was hand-crafted during the break and included alot of good ones, including an epic "The Story of Yo La Tengo" that might have been the most fearsome guitar noise wigout I've ever seen. I stood by Davey Snider and our minds were blown and consciousnesseseseses shifted. The Urinals opened and were great. All in all a night affirming the rights of open-minded nerds of any age to do whatever they want with their guitars and drums. I am inspired and not dog-tired, even though I got home late. The Urinals photo above is an unofficial poster I made with my smarter-than-most phone and a program called Pic Paint.

On other fronts I added a lap to my track route and have hit 2.5 miles. It is fun to be running and enjoying it, chuggin' along. My first mile was my body doing something it hadn't done in a LONG time and going "uh, dude, uh, WHAT are you doing?" Sorry but I am gonna have to take all dub and Grateful Dead off my Ipod for running. It does not help--not with that.

I am also reading this book:

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