Sunday, April 3, 2011

A couple weeks back I went over to Eric Sutton's w/ Dave Peterson and we put together the first System You Radio podcast in a long time. That was a blast! New Mike Watt, Off!, Pedals Jets, Dead Moon...our own little old radio station out there in Eric's garage with all his cool prints, paintings, records, and bikes. Soul brothers burrito confab. All we needed was a stove and some rocking chairs.

I posted a new Golden Motors demo, inspired by my friend Craig's front stoop statuary: "Stone Lions."

I'm presently in my own garage studio with The Last going on the digital turntable, enjoying some nice midmorning sunshine outside, even though it's still kinda cold. I finished Spraypaint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag yesterday. It was one of best rock books I've read, though the story ends sad. One of the cool things about it is the scene people who get their say, all articulate and cool. If you are hanging out with smart, creative dorky people, putting bands together or shotgun paintings in storefronts where the A & W used to be downtown...that's what the scene was like that my generation totally mythologizes. The parties and the violence and stuff were to the side of that (or those things are to the side, always, for me.) Regular people with creative drive, pretty well off the grid. Black Flag turned into something else--a weird, paranoid scene, and that's a melancholy development. (As a side note I would really dig a link to some archive of live Black Flag instrumental jams, before that turned into Gone. That stuff is so cool. Greg Ginn's guitar playing is still catalytic and weird and genius after all these years.)

Reading the book prompted me to get out The Last's "L.A. Explosion" and finally buy the first Redd Kross record.

The cat is officially out of the bag. Eugene musician and artist and sly svengali Dave Snider is turning 40 in two weeks and we will celebrate him with a fine show at Luckey's in Eugene. Note the early 80's door charge. Pull your thumb out and do this!

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