Sunday, September 4, 2011

Noon Hour Slow Jog with The Thin White Duke

Bare Wires @ Sam Bond's 9/2/11

We had a pretty fun show friday night w/ Bare Wires and The Stagger and Sway. Bare Wires were cool, kind of reminded me of the first Redd Kross record crossed with nasty-twangy Billy Childish and something like Southern garage soul music. Who-y and Ramones-y, yes, but more going on than homage. Mathew was a really nice cat too. Butthole Surfers were across town and so was Red Fang, so I'd say there was some serious free market competition going down for your alternative guitar rock dollar. We played well and encored with a couple of oldies Brian Patrick came up to play bass on. "My Banana" and "Airport City." I had plugged into Scott's Marshall so I was running stereo in power trio format playing hella loud for this off the cuff musical spoonful of beans flipped at the wall of the cafeteria. Not too many hours later I was serving up lemonade at The Saturday Market and tearing into a warm parmesan brioche from Palace Bakery. I.E. I have a damn cool life, all in all.

I charged out into the noon hour sun today for a run to shake off the slugs and it was good. The I-shuffle mix was thusly suchly this:

Laura Nyro: To A Child
The Replacements: Kiss Me On The Bus
Ornette Coleman: Antiques
David Bowie: Looking For Water
The Budos Band: King Charles
Mark Knopfler: Boom, Like That
No Age: Inflorescence
Ornette Coleman: Turnaround
Los Lobos: I Wan’na Be Like You
John Lennon: Nutopian International Anthem
Marnie Stern: The Weight of A Rock
Volcano Suns: 1999 (live)
Imogen Heap: The Walk
Lone Pigeon: Oh Catharine
DJ Rekha: Gur Nalon IshgMitha
Redd Kross: Solid Gold
Jay Farrar and Benjamin Gibbard: Big Sur
The Surfaris: Surfer Joe
New Order: World in Motion
The Others: Second Sky

I love David Bowie's records so much--finding the glam classics on cassette was one of the great identity-shifting adventures of my early adolescence. The George Brett posters came down, the druggy transvestite rock posters went up, and by association I learned about Lou Reed, The Stooges, and The Clash. I count the show I saw on Sound And Vision tour w/ Adrian Belew on guitar as one of the greatest rock shows I've ever seen. I have kept up with most every record in the last twenty years. Reality is the one newest to my ears,which means I'm like 7 years behind on this one, duh, and every time it comes on the Pod, I think "hmmm, what is this? This is great. When did I put this on my Itunes, and what the heck is it? Is this indie rock from Brooklyn?" Then he sings and it's all aces.

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