Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full Moon Fever at Timmy Boyden's House

Tim Boyden's Full Moon Fever
Last night I went to Timmy Boyden's house for the full moon and sat by the firepit, listened to him read Wendell Berry poems, and toasted marshmallows. Excellent Tuesday night! Tim and I worked together for about ten years at Northwest Door and Sash. He moved on to building art furniture full time and has been kicking butt with Splinters, his woodworkers collective. (Look for them in a new gallery downtown this Fall.) A master dumpster diver, he's the only artist I know who has made a chair out of bowling balls and high-heeled shoes. I am looking forward to seeing and sitting in his latest, The Baseball Chair, featuring Reynold Rydberg's old mitt.

Before that I did 13 laps in the outside lane at Margaret Bailes Johnson track, circling a deadly serious pee-wee football game. Here is the slow-jog Ipod shuffle:

Posies/The Glitter Prize
Dum Dum Girls/Baby Don't Go
Jay Farrar/Hanging On To You
Bad Brains/Attitude
Sonic Youth/Candle
Red Kross/Burn-Out
Lou Reed/Nowhere At All
Greg Brown/Lovingest One
Freedy Johnston/What You Cannot See, You Cannot Fight
The Pedaljets/Mrs. Green
The Red Elvises/Siberia
Laura Nyro/I Met Him On a Sunday
Ornette Coleman/Song X
The Baseball Project/Twilight of My Career
Reptile House/Keel Haul Love
Mike Watt/Thistle-Headed Man
Laura Nyro/The Confession
Casey Neill and The Norway Rats/Guttered
Lou Reed/Nobody's Business
Mark Knopfler/Standup Guy

I have to say, when The Red Elvises singing about Siberia are the soundtrack as you circle a pee-wee football game, that's a multi-cultural jolt.

Hats off to the Republican half of the U.S. Senate for the continued commitment to obstruction, denial, and corporate greed. It's the best of times, it's the worst of times, and that's not the half of it.
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