Tuesday, November 15, 2011

track attack + midweek gigs + electric football metaphors

Good track sesh tonight--a cold, dark evening when I wasn't too psyched to be hitting it.  I went the kind of standard 4.5 miles and took 9 minutes off my time.  From slowwww to not as slow.  I guess I wanted to get it done with, sweat alot, and get home to eat terriyaki pork and cabbage.  Paid bills, listened to some cd's I bought yesterday.  Apparently the corporate end of the industry made some kind of announcement about no longer pressing cds with major releases.  I have to admit, buying a fourteen dollar cd I'm going to put on my Ipod feels dumb sometimes.  I listen in the car but I'm a pretty avid bike commuter.  It's mainly when I'm driving to shows that I spin the plastic sound frisbees.  I'm kind of ready to go with the change.

Speaking of which, I will be joined by Mike Last and Tom Nunes wednesday night at McMennamin's Wilsonville Pub, south of Portland, for a two-hour acoustic review, trio style with my buds.  There will be beer there, and enormous cheeseburgers.  I'm digging this stripped down thing while The Golden Motors make their big racket and roar on other nights.  Tomorrow night in Eugene, I'll be joining Jesse Meade at Cornucopia to sing and play some.  Jesse's been hitting it hard like a maniac in Eugene and invited me to play and I said YEAH.

It's like they used to say about the electric football quarterback--he was triple threat: passed, ran, and kicked.  Except most of the time he'd flick that little foam football into a fern or into the furriest parts of a sleeping dog's hindquarters.  DOZER! 

Here's the I-jog Shuffle Playlist.

Daniel Lanois/Two Worlds
Alex De Grassi/Luther's Lullaby
Bettye LaVette/Outside Woman
Marnie Stern/Vibrational Match
Reptile House/Mrs Rain
Tommy Keene/Mr. Roland
The Psychedelic Furs/Yes I Do
Mark Knopfler/Back to Tupelo
Pat Metheny/Tears Inside
The Go-Betweens/Here Comes A City
Lester Young/Countless Blues #2
Tom Waits/Altar Boy
Mike Watt/Hammering Castle Bird Man
The Fireman/Light From Your Lighthouse
Elliot Smith/In The Lost and Found
Bettye LaVette/Here I Am
Tommy Keene/Warren In The 60s
Marnie Stern/The Weight of a Rock
John Lennon/Mother
Hope Sandoval/Bavarian Fruit Bread
Nick Lowe/Checkout Time
The English Beat/The Limits We Set
The Fall/Bury Pts. 1 + 3

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