Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Neptune-on-Eugene 2011

Poseidon w/ Dolly Parton wig and t-shirt half-toga.

The Underlings at Sam Bond's
Costume inspiration record from the original duct-tape masters, The Flaming Lips.

Dave Peterson rocks it at Sam Bond's

The season of blood sugar demons is upon us. 

Halloween weekend was pretty fun.  Mike and I did our acoustic duo Porch Fest gig for a few neighbors drifting by.  Sean Peterson was playing bass in a jazz combo across the street.  The gig at Sam Bond's was fun too.  Poseidon wafted waves of uncured spraypaint throughout the club.  Listening to The Flaming Lips garage-era jams, cutting up strips of garbage bag to make fake seaweed, constructing a driftnet cape full of debris--good times.

This week I have a couple of solo shows at McMennamin's joints--Edgefield on Thursday 11/3, Hotel Oregon (McMinnville) on Friday 11/4.  A little getaway for me and T.

Golden Motors cd heading to duplication in the next week.  I do believe it is a smokin' doozy of a record.

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