Monday, December 26, 2011

Gutenberg Touch

We had an excellent Christmas weekend.  No one at our house got a Gutenberg printing press, but I did get a Kindle Touch, which might be the techno-historical inverse...or next step...or...anyway, I'll have to think that one through.  I do know that I love it.

My first download was Don Quixote, for free, from Amazon.  I've been wanting to read it for a long time.  I like the interface, particularly for a book that is, in any print edition, quite a brick. This is easy to read.  The screen tells me I am 9% done, which is different from having two inches of musty paperback to go.  It's light, so I won't be getting reader's elbow the way I did when I read The Stand, unabridged.  The feature I LOVE is the onboard dictionary.  Highlight a word and--boom--the definition pops up.  Word nerds gotta love that.

When we were in Olvera this Fall, there was a statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza at the foot of our street, pretty much hidden in shade.  I said hi most days as I walked past.  Olvera is mentioned in passing, when the seedy hotel owner brags about his travels and the trouble he's been in, by way of qualifying himself to knight Don Quixote and thereby get him out of his hair.  So the landscape we were in blooms again in this book--it's December in the valley but I can feel the dry heat in Olvera...

The Golden Motors played a fun gig Thursday--we really jammed and I was proud of my guys and the show we put on.  Pretty tight.  Pretty loose.  Jivan subbed for Mike and nailed it.


today's bike commute playlist:
joanna newsome: this side of the blue
david sylvian: pollen path
lester young: 3 little words
neil diamond: captain sunshine
tom waits: missing my son

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