Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eric's Artworx + Track Slog

We now have an orginal Eric Sutton at our house, and on the cover of The Golden Motors cd. Eric has a show up in Eugene. I missed the opening last night because I had a gig with Peter Wilde and Jenny Gutierrez at Cozmic Pizza...the revamp of that venue is great. We had a good time playing in the round. And just around the corner, Eric sold a bunch of paintings and had a great opening.

Gallery 760
“It’s Not That Unusual, No Matter What They Say”
work by Peter Herley, Tony Brown, Ron Omin & Eric Sutton
760 Willamette

After a grubbin' holiday season, I am back in the swing of things at the track. Here's today's I-Shuffle playlist:

Quicksilver Messenger Service: Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder
The Posies: Flavor Of The Month
Neil Diamond: Evermore
The English Beat: Too Nice To Talk To
The National: Sorrow
Young Fresh Fellows: Lamp Industries
No Age: Life Prowler
Metheny Meldhau: Don't Wait
Sonic Youth: Eric's Trip
Elliot Smith: Ballad of Big Nothing
Nick Lowe: Shame On The Rain
The Red Elvises: Jerry's Got The Squeezepipe
Mark Knopfler: Sucker Row
Neil Diamond: Song Sung Blue
Jay Reatard: Before I Was Caught
No Age: Depletion
The Replacements: Achin' To Be
Nick Lowe: Indian Queens
The Budos Band: Sing A Simple Song
John Lennon and Yoko Ono: I Don't Wanna Face It
The Vaselines: No Hope
Lou Reed: Crazy Feeling

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