Thursday, February 23, 2012

Show Preview From The Eugene Weekly by William Kennedy

Motorists Rev it Up
Photo by Claire Flint Last /

Dan Jones is the bed-headed poet laureate of Eugene. More of a verbal fix-it man than a lyricist, Jones finds beauty in the ordinary while coaxing poetry from things most writers leave in the garage. His songs are delivered in a Neil Young-esque holler or Lou Reed-style talk/sing; when these styles fight, it sounds like free jazz and a host of other good-hearted downtrodden folks just gettin’ by. Those who’ve been around Eugene a while are familiar with the many incarnations of Dan Jones — acoustic troubador, rock ’n’ roll bandleader with the Squids, and now he’s stepped it up yet again with the Golden Motors

The Golden Motors boast members of legendary Eugene bands like the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, The Pass-Out Kings and Stagger and Sway. The quartet has been bangin’ around clubs in Eugene and beyond for years and has now released its debut album. The self-titled recording is a rambling collection of Nuggets-era ‘60s garage-rock, ‘70s and ‘80s punk, and Sonic Youth experimentation. Rarely has Dan Jones been this loud and raucous. But what never gets lost is Jones’ wide-eyed, Midwestern wonderment and childlike joy at stepping to the mic — like an 8-year-old-boy biting into a hot dog at his first Major League Baseball game.  

The Golden Motors’ album release show is 6 pm Saturday, Feb. 25, at Sam Bond’s, Free; and 9:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 25, at Sam Bond’s, $5, 21+. William Kennedy
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