Friday, March 23, 2012

The Golden Motors Now On Itunes

The Golden Motors album is now on ITUNES.

It has been a wild and whooly snow week here in Eugene. I made a point of shaking the snow off our ornamental cherry tree early when the big fall came down wednesday--hundreds of those around town really got beat up. Trucks everywhere full of pink blossoms and broken limbs, just as those trees started to get their lovely March glow. Nature's pruning shears were sharp this week. 

I am enjoying the coziness of waking up with snow still on the ground and on the neighbors' will probably be gone by this afternoon...I had flashbacks to Iowa City, where I would make a pot of terrible coffee in my first apartment and listen to records on the stereo before walking to class on a sheet of ice.  Steve Brantley and I had a fairly impressive combo collection. He introduced me to Nuggets and MC5 and doing occasional chores.

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