Monday, April 16, 2012

Car Dancing Revisited

Mike and I resurrected this song during a two-man practice last week. The thing that has always been great about playing with Mike is that he is very low-key about songs that are not finished and generally willing to see the best in songs that are tossed off or that I am not sure about. This one comes from a little pod of songs that go back to winter of 2010 and early 2011, if I am remembering right. It features some of my worst drumming ever, and a soaring Casio synth solo, and a swaggering trombone tag at the end. 

I've always thought car dancing was funny--like when you see someone in traffic really grooving behind the wheel, using arms, head and torso to dance while operating a one-ton metal vehicle full of explosive fuel and great destructive potential. Yet, this song also speaks to adult matters--at a certain age, cars are no longer make-out pods, they are grocery-procurement technology. By car dancing, we bring joy to the compromises of adulthood while maintaining our responsibilities and moving forward toward mature, orderly goals.

Who left all these fries between the seat? I guess it doesn't matter if you feel that big beat.

As for "Compact Disk Alarm Clock," it fell right into the Golden Motors set, and we debuted it at The Wow Hall last week, playing a gig with fIREHOSE and Tera Melos. We had to practice it in soundcheck and I kind of had a baby meltdown trying to remember the structure.

Fun--writing songs, working them up with good friends.

that's all for now, happy spring, wherever you are, DJ
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