Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fasters Demos

My squads have played tons of fun gigs with The Fasters--here is their bandcamp page, full of free spins of demos. "MFA" is my favorite song of theirs.

I am reading The Ritual, a horror book, and it is scary. It’s about four middle-aged college buddies lost in the woods in Sweden, getting into some weirdo freaky dark stuff. The Ritual really works primal territory: the woods, being hunted, evil, darkness, being lost in the woods, being cold and wet and hungry; trust between people under stress and fatigue, tension in old relationships that have seen people change over the years; growing apart. But that is the least of these guys troubles! It's well-written and grabs yer Izod collar and doesn’t let go. Yow! For fans of The Beach, The Ruins, and Blair Witch Project, and Deep Survival.

Another fine start for The Royals last night, another bullpen melt, another night of spotty O.  It'll fire soon, but we're getting in the hole deep and early.

Two bands featuring dear friends w/ vinyl and cd releases coming up: The Underlings and Pellet Gun. Yeah!

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