Friday, June 8, 2012

drum practice

Last night I played drums along with this record, turned up very loud so that I could not hear how little I know how to play the drums.  Maybe at some unconscious level the neighbors knew I was playing along to "Cheap Sun Glasses" but I am pretty sure it sounded nothing like the actual drum part. 

I was thinking it would be a cool exercise to play along with this record on drums, then bass, and then guitar, as an exercise.  An exercise in FUN.  Vintage ZZ top is pure, pared down, bitchin' rock and roll.  I'm looking forward to hearing their thing with Rick Rubin.  I am also looking forward to hearing Snider and Pavlak do their ZZ tribute at Sam Bond's for their anniversary party in late July.

Sprumter is in full swing here in the valley. A little Spring, a little Winter, and a little Summer, all rolled into one wet, chilly subseason of the nine-month not-August-or-September season.

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