Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Drum Prak and Chair Painting, 6/13/12

I think drumming badly to Big Star and then spray-painting these adirondack chairs after two years of procrastination wove a mystical web of sympathetic magic, leading to this clutch two-run triple by Alcides Escobar, our super-glove shortstop who has grown from "light-hitting" to a solid contact hitter hanging in there around .290. KC went on to win in the 11th.  I am a KC fan.  Happy when they win, grumpy when they lose.

I sent out my standard woo-hoo group text to homeland buds and discovered that both my pal Fritz and my nephew Alex were at the game. 

It has been a weird season for KC baseball, not frustrating in the old ways but frustrating in new, less-worse ways. Major injuries, including three to the staff requiring Tommy John surgeries.  And extremely slow starts from key dudes who are now coming around.
I will continue to wear my uncool Royals crocs, my royals hat(s), t-shirt(s) and sweatshirt(s).  And I will drink coffee from my Royals mug(s).  And I will watch Melky Cabrera lead the NL in hitting and wonder if we would be five games above .500 with his bat and glove in our lineup.

That is all.

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