Monday, August 13, 2012

Armchair Opinions and Time At The Track

The detective books of Janwillem Van de Wetering continue to knock me out.  The Commissaris might be one of my favorite literary characters of all time. 

This weekend I got back to Margaret Bailes Johnson track and ran 3.5 miles both days.  I've been missing running after swimming at the Downtown Athletic Center this winter and spring.  It's great Ipod time, and my Ipod is grooving with the new Off!, Lee Ranaldo, and a whole bunch of Tommy Keene.  Hard to go swimming, sans tunes, when the weather is nice and there is garden and yard work to I hadn't been exercising much at all. 

Then, I made a clever armchair wisecrack on Facebook about beach volleyball being a sport that is played by people who roll around in the sand, in their underwear,  and realized I was 43, carrying extra weight, and not doing anything about it.  Standing on the sidelines and wisecracking about the Olympics is likely the worst Olympic event of all, especially if you are not doing any kind of exercise or sports yourself.  

As for armchair activity, I sampled as many of the events as I could on On Demand.  Archery was my favorite.  I've never taken Valium, but watching archery had a weirdly calming and relaxing sedative effect.  I guess this is why some people enjoy watching golf.

So, at the track, I plodded, I sweated it out, I got lapped by a floating ball of dandelion fuzz, and I put my miles in. 

We're off to KC and Jefferson City for a week soon, and will likely catch the Royals/A's game this week before heading to Central Mo for family time.  When we get back, The Golden Motors have a gig with Brothers of The Last Watch (and another band, I'm spacing) at Sam Bond's on Friday 8/24. 
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