Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wandering Goats and Mini-Golf

I have a solo show Friday (8/31) at The Wandering Goat for Eugene's Last Friday Art Walk, starting at 7:00.  Stiff Peaks is going to play too.  They will be the loud rock and roll portion of the evening's entertainment.  If you're wondering if their band name refers to meringue preparation techniques, you'd be right.  You may also know their bass player Richard as the co-founder of Indie Pop Soda.  And their drummer Mark is co-royalty at PartyCart, the best new chow development in Eugene in some time.

Saturday, I'm going to Portland w/ Billy Barnett to see the one and only Ian Hunter w/ The Minus 5.  Looking forward to that.

We had our first ripe, red tomato in the garden this weekend.  It's cooling off now--summer seems to have lasted about five weeks.  It's glorious weather, but it's not summer.

The next Golden Motors gig represents an important music industry milestone for us: our first show at Camp Putt in Glenwood, Oregon.  It's Friday, September 7 at 6:00.  If you come down to play a round of mini-golf, you get to see the show for free.  We're pretty sure this is the first time a band has played at Camp Putt. 
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