Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ian Hunter 9/1/12 in PDX

Yesterday I went up to Portland with Jason Robbins and Billy Barnett to see Ian Hunter and The Rant Band w/ The Minus 5.  I’d never seen Ian Hunter.  His last couple of records have been great song collections and I’m filling in all the solo records and missing Mott records.  We got up there in time to go to Los Gorditos and Apex Brewery.  It felt like a long time since I’d jumped in the car with some buddies to go to a rock concert. 

The show kicked off with “All The Way From Memphis” and then into “All American Alien Boy,” and included classic Mott the Hoople and a handful of songs from the brand new album, and tunes here and there from recent solo records like Man Overboard.  There was also a cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation” that was heavy.  

Ian Hunter’s amazing stage presence at 73 years old tells me that he must have been something to reckon with in 1973 (when I was four).  I yelled out a request for “Rain,” my favorite solo song, which to me has always sounded like The Cure about six years ahead of schedule.  But the encore rumbled into a gigantic balls version of “Saturday Gigs” and “All The Young Dudes” with Scott McCaughey joining up on guitar.

The Minus 5 rocked with a lineup I’ve not seen, including Ezra Holbrook on drums, and it was crunchy and tight and included a kickin’ cover of “Strychine” by The Sonics and “She Does It Right” by Dr. Feelgood.

Billy and I both picked up the new Ian Hunter CD, “When I’m President,” and yesterday was actually the day of release.  (Rare, these days, to get a record the day of its release and rush over to a friend’s house to give it a spin, or even have a party.)  The title song stood out tall among songs from his entire career review, last night, and I hope that it gets picked up heavy by the good guys in this coming election season.  It’s smart and funny--everything American politics ain’t.

My Kindle tells me I’m 85% through the latest James Lee Burke book, Creole Belle.  I guess I’ve been reading at least one of his books once a year for about twenty years now.  They’re the best.

Eugene is somewhat abuzz about next week’s Golden Motors gig at Camp Putt.  It’s all ages and free.  I think Camp Putt might be church for Dan Schmid and Scott K.  I putted a round with them once, and felt like a rookie taking batting practice with Maris and Mantle.

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