Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Movies and a Putt Putt Gig

Two indie films that I enjoyed this week. Rare Exports came up on Netflix after I watched Troll Hunter. The two make an excellent European double feature of dark fairy tale magic, wry humor, and creature feature horror. 

Choking Man tells the story of a shy Ecuadorian immigrant in his late teens, washing dishes in a diner in Queens.  The intensity of his introversion and his crappy living conditions are almost gothic; the diner balances that with slice-of-life daily living, gives him some warmth and human interaction and a chance to break out a little bit.

The Golden Motors gig at Camp Putt was as nice a summer night as anyone could hope to have while playing guitar, bass, and drums and/or putt-putting around the mini-golf course.  We set up by the lagoon near hole 18, and threw down as many numbers as we could.  We're told we doubled the average early September Friday night draw--and there were a number of holes in one.  Our  photographer friend Claire Flint took some pictures:

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