Monday, December 31, 2012



This is my lost blog entry of 2012.  It has been a fun year for blogging and I hope this has brought some enjoyment to friends and fans and total strangers.  Here's my shuffle playlist from the last run of 2012, 3.25 miles on a nice cold day.  My Ipod was in fine form.

Mission of Burma: She Is, He Is
Melvins: The Talking Horse
Fucked Up: Under My Nose
Boards of Canada: Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Marnie Stern: Gimmie
Lungfish: Interdimensional Seams
Laura Nyro: Eli's Comin'
Marnie Stern: Letters of Rimbaud
Richard Hawley: No Way Home
Dinosaur Jr: We're Not Alone
Guided By Voices: Keep It In Motion
Jah Wobble: Whatever Happens
Iggy Pop: Angel
Titus Andronicus: In A Big City
Wire: Mr. Suit
Volcano Suns: Jak
The Go-Betweens: Born To A Family
Jah Wobble: Appalachian Mountain Dub
Ian Hunter and The Rant Band: Comfortable
Wire: The Commercial
The Rolling Stones: All Down The Line
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