Friday, April 26, 2013


Last night we took a pleasant late evening walk over to The Pantry and Pub for dinner.  They have a nice patio where Pablo can hang out.  He took full advantage of it, and exhibited a Dozer-like behavior: jumped up on top of our table and began eating delicious homeade potato chips.  

The Pantry and Pub is the only place of its kind in the Fairground neighborhood, which is starting to spark a little bit--Eugene Coffee Company, Top City Frozen Yogurt, and of course, Bi Mart, if you need duck decoys, crab pots, or bridge mix.  It's not exactly zoned for an insurgence of uptown shops but it'll do.

The Pantry and Pub features a menu item called The Man Salad.  It's a salad completely buried in steak and french fries.  There was some lettuce on it, but I threw that over my shoulder.  I loved it, and think it is worth the trip over to 18th and Chambers.  The only problem was I went home and immediately fell asleep with my new guitar on my chest.  

Enjoying this record:

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