Thursday, May 16, 2013


In a wild rupture of daily routine, I went running this morning instead of in the evening, and it was great.  I didn't have to dodge lacrosse balls at the track or frisbees at the frisbee golf park, and as of noon, the benefits of exercise have really made this an enjoyable day.  I feel like I could jump into a barrel of monkeys, keep my composure, and get 'em all dressed for church.  I've always reserved mornings for introspective time, writing, reading, and especially Morning Pages, inspired by The Artist's Way.  But there are many ways to approach things. 

Here's the slow jog shuffle playlist:

Yoko Ono: Healing
J Mascis: Make It Right
Tommy Keene: Down, Down, Down
Paul Westerberg: All  That I Had
Reptile House: Keel Haul Love
Marnie Stern: Year of the Glad
Fucked Up: Manqueller Man
Camera Obscura: Lunar Sea
Neil Young: Driftin' Back
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