Tuesday, August 6, 2013


mushroom ravioli with grilled eggplant, zucchini, purple beans, and arugula from the garden.

It's like my dad would say, I "got a good do" on this eggplant.  We bought the start at Fox Hollow Nursery on 28th, next to Dairy Mart, in Eugene.  Mike's nursery is a great place to go on a hot day because it's always about 15 degrees cooler in there, very dense with all sorts of plants.  He's really nice and is a source of Good Quality Information.  That's where we always go for garden and yard starts. 

This start offered up a whopper of a white eggplant that I peeled, cut into rounds, and salted for an hour while I watched The Royals get stymied by a Twins rookie of the Bruce Chen school.  His name is Andrew Albers and he schooled us after our 13-0 bombing last night.  To the Twins, James Shields pitches looked like great big eggplants, while to the Royals, Albers' pitches looked like  tiny white radiches from northern Norway that sought ground once they left the bat.  No good wood was got, by us.
Meanwhile, for whatever reason, I reached for, and grabbed by both handles, the eggplant grail.  Turned out just right. Nailed it.  Melting, smoky, garlic and salt.

Needless to say, Master of Puppets is not only a great metal album, it's one of the great popular music albums of all time, a must have, and makes dinner taste good.  When dinner is already good, prepare to play air guitar with your utensils.  The double time breakdown at 3:48 in vid below is one of my favorite musical moments.

For more vinyl + dinner moments, see waxfood blog.

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