Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I tried running at a new KC park this weekend, a few blocks where I'm staying: Westwood Park.  It was a nice .4 mile loop.  I normally try to run on more forgiving surfaces than good ol' sidewalk but this was just a great place to be.  

That got me prepped for tailgating at the K--ribs, briscuit, Bud Lite, and one amazing pitcher's duel of a game that ended with a mammoth Justin Maxwell walk-off grand slam.  Graham and Alex also introduced me to something called a nacho helmet: a plastic Royals batting helmet full of nachos.  My fingers feel swollen from all the salt, my eyes droopy from three hours in full sun--what a great day.  A friend texted me to say he "high-fived a baby" after that homer.  The K really went off.

The Royals have just the slimmest chance at a wild card spot,  but their current record guarantees at least an 11-win improvement over last year's win total.  That's huge.  They could improve by as many as 17 wins if they run the table here in the last stretch.  

Getting to know neighborhoods and navigating around a new city is fun.  Having a smart phone makes this alot easier and there's something great about getting oriented in a place that used to confuse and intimidate me as a child, riding around with Mom or Dad.

With a new job, and so much transitional stuff happening, I haven't done much more than write a few lyrics here and there, and am content not to play shows for now.  I want to get my mountain dulcimer strung up and fool around with that.  Plus keep moving ahead on the Golden Motors second album.  Mixes from Tom Nunes are sounding great.

 I also made a Post It Mobile for the pine car derby that is part of the 20th anniversary celebration at work.

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