Sunday, October 20, 2013


 6.11.13 (Kauai)

I have noticed it is easier to write with a ballpoint pen--the classic blue Bic--because there is resistance to the grain of the page.  But I like my goofy gel pen colors too.
I'm sitting here on our deck and can't come up with anything to say because it is so lovely to listen to the wind through the palms--it is breezy this morning and slightly overcast--so very mild.  I want to look up the word "mahalo" and get its full sense.  I know it means "thank you" but it means more than that.

Down below there is a botanical garden that is large and amazing, if not a bit run down.  I swam in the ocean last night at dusk and got rolled by a wave or two.  I am sandy in all the wrong places.

6.13.13 (Kauai)

We did something else, but I am kind of mentally challenged by sunburn and resulting poor sleep.  I cannot for the life of me remember what we did, but it was fun.

6/15/13 (Kauai)

I snorkeled today and saw a school of bonefish? or strawfish? or ?  Long, tubular fish that schooled up near the water's surfce, sort of fanned out and floating.  It freaked me out a little bit.  I also saw a chunk of coral the size of a VW that looked like a giant brain.  That was cool.  I get a little uneasy in the water after a while--afraid to go out too far, above deeper water.  I guess that's kind of normal, the ocean is not our house, it is someone else's.  I like snorkeling but it is eerie.
 We got a cup of Turkish coffee at a Parisian-styled cafe called Buttery, in Kapa'a.  That was fun.  I liked the lady who owns it, very  bright, upbeat, fun, positive soulful person who did other things then decided to open this little place.  You meet people in life who transmit the "just do it" vibe; they have faith.

6/16/13 (Kauai)

I read a bunch of The Book of Secrets by M.G. Vassanji yesterday--I'm really enjoying it and want to check out more this author's work.  It's generous in some way that I like--epic in scope but personal and relaxed in tone.  One of the main characters is a shop-keeper, an oafish spy for both sides of the German-English conflict.  In Yiddish he might be a schmuck or schlemiel--a funny hard luck case who is always getting busted.  But he is treated with respect over the arc of the story and grows along the way.  The goof ups help "drive the plot"; it's messy, like being human.



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