Friday, November 1, 2013


Werner Park along the Turkey Creek Streamway Trail
Am I writing about running, or writing about routine?  (Running and writing are both routine.) I'm not writing about rarified achievement as a runner, unless you count subtle improvement due to routine as an achievement.  I do, but it's not very interesting.

I ran three miles in 33 minutes sunday, and the same distance in 46 minutes yesterday.  What the hell.  

I'm not writing about mystical states.  I love my Spotify playlist.  I get out there and enjoy music and run in the process.  Big Joe Turner, Husker Du, David Byrne--whatever it is, it makes running fun.


Since I got here I've run five different places:

Mill Creek Park

Westwood Park

Loose Park

Turkey Creek Streamway Trail (accessed at Werner Park, in Overland Park)

The Trolley Trail, staring right there by Waldo Pizza.  And it's okay if you end your ran AT Waldo Pizza, you have earned it.

In each case, discovering a new place to run is kind of magical and makes it a lot more fun.


What if, in an alternate universe, we were all the kind of people who refuse to run the same route twice?  Theoretically there is an infinite number of routes.  Well, like pretty much everyone, I settle into routines.

I follow Purpose Fairy on Facebook.  She had a post about weight loss the other day--how the most important thing is liking yourself the way you are.

Some years ago I read this book: The Memory of Running, by Ron McLarty.  This is pretty rare: I want to read this book again.  It's about a character who completely turns everything around.

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