Sunday, May 24, 2015


This used to be a humpy slope draining right into our basement. The kind of yard you'd pass out in at a college party and wake up covered in bug bites, most likely alone. 

Then it was a raw dirt site with a new wall by Jason Nace and Lime Green Masonry and lots of sticks and rocks.  

Then I laid in supplies from the Grass Pad and lucked out with a really wet Spring (and was diligent about watering when it was dry).  Flagstone from House of Rocks in small batches every pay day have got the path moving but we could still use a ton more for the patio and finishing the walking paths.

It's starting to look pretty sharp, and the patio is kind of made for a house concert, but watch out for the volunteer chard, beets, and turnips. #Troostwood

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