Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SQUIDSKC @ miniBAr - FRIDAY 5/8/15

I'm looking forward to this show on Friday with Alex Alexander, Booji Schneider, and Steven Michael Tulipana aka SquidsKC. The other bands are great and share a like-minded approach to melody and mayhem. We go on first, which should be about 10:00, upstairs at miniBar, which has a kickin' new p.a. and many improvements including an ice swan that never melts and pinball machine that features hazelnuts in place of stainless pinballs and tilts everytime the toilets flush, which is why they call it the pinball whizzer. It is a great thing to play songs from different phases of my [cough] career with dear friends who can also play like maniacs. I wish my Oregon friends could see it.

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