Thursday, August 18, 2016


Dog Days of Summer Hot List!

1. The Royals season has been a grinder, but the emergence of Danny Duffy as a consistent starter has been an unexpected bright spot. The current surge is really fun.  Every season has a different narrative, and these guys know how to win, especially when playing with house money.

2.  Ipod vs. Spotify.   All my lines of thought about digital music run concurrently with my monthly budget for vinyl and cd's.  The Plaza library has a great cd collection and I've been loading my Ipod up, and enjoying that more than having ten billion songs available on Spotify.  Limits of some kind seem to matter.  But I spend about as much as I always have.  I know that's not the case for generations of listeners who now think of music as necessarily free.

3. Playlist of my 2016 Vinyl Finds

4.  Reading and writing poetry lately has been much more fun than in my early twenties when I was on what seemed like an interminable bummer.  I've enjoyed collections by Ko Un, Jim Harrison,  Lawrence Ferlinghetti, David Ray, Virginia Hamilton Adair, Jo McDougal, Juan Felipe Herrera, Gary Snyder, and Dan Quisenberry. 

 4.  I've withheld Facebook commentary and progress photos of cellulitis healing on my ankle and foot, after a patch of poison ivy went way wrong. It's healing up with antibiotics and prednazone, and I am now addicted to epsolm salt foot-soaks after work, in place of working out or doing chores.  Self-care is very rock and roll.

6. Another morning doodle that accrued over a few weeks

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