Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Tattoodle + 2016 Vinyl Non-Reviews

In just a few short months people will begin sharing their Best Of 2016 music lists.  I am preemptively sharing all my 2016 vinyl, declaring each one the BEST of 2016.  It would be stupid for me to pretend I have a sampling of 2016 records worth ranking.  When I was six I'd go to a movie and say that was the best movie I'd ever seen and then I'd go to another movie and say that was the best movie I'd ever seen, and on and on.

Melvins: Basses Loaded

Here is a band that does what it does consistently and without regard for trends, methodically and casually releasing album after album of interesting, concise, heavy-assed art rock.  There are always some weirdo numbers that stand tall for creative freedom no matter what.  This one has a bunch of guest bass players on it, and a Beatles cover.  I bought this at the new Mills Record Company on Broadway.

Fat Boys: Big & Beautiful

This might be the best dollar bin find of 2016.  It's vintage tacky and sounds a little like pre-fab Run DMC, and my better half does not like this at all.  Yet, there is something raw and silly about it, and the beatboxing is totally rad.  The cover is colorful and fun and when this comes on during a workout, I jiggle harder.  Also a Mills find.

Be/Non: Mystic Sunrise

I bought this at the memorable album release show at the Masonic temple on Linwood and Troost.  It was epic, and this is one of those albums I want to buy 25 copies of for 25 friends in the Northwest.  It's space rock but concise; art rock but catchy; indie but virtuosically played; weird but not alienating.  Lots of space and room to breath and perfectly detailed.

Little Richard:  The Essential Tracks 

I've noticed there are alot of heritage releases like this on heavy vinyl and that's pretty neat.  I found this at Half Price Books.  I read the other day that David Bowie knew all these saxophone parts.  If you wanted to dj at a bar, you could put this on and watch Bonanza for an hour while enjoying a reuben, it would be just fine.

My nephew Jay turned me on to the Country Gold of Johnny Rodriguez and I love it.  His version of "That's The Way Love Goes" is my favorite on this record.  Dollar bin at Mills.
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