Sunday, March 12, 2017



I checked out Mother Earth Coffee yesterday on the way to Home Depot and library.  I like the unabashed idealism of the brand name and logo, representing direct, sustainable trade practices.

In Eugene, there was Mother Earth Tool and Die, Mother Earth Exterminators, Mother Earth Automotive Coating Systems, Mother Earth Pulp and Paper, Mother Earth Gun-Bluing and Re-Load.  In KCMO this is seldom done. 

The cafe has really cool design and fixturing, and a nice location in Hyde Park.  The coffee is really good, too. 

Said coffee got me going on a small project, repairing the bathroom cabinet doors, which have swung open of their own accord for a couple years now.  They'd make a creepy haunted house sound and I'd expect to see Vincent Price sitting on the throne.  A couple years of irritation fixed in two hours with bondo, glue, a clamp, and two packages of $1.98 latches.

Soundtrack to home fix-its: David Bowie's penultimate release The Next Day, which I like as well or better as Black Star.  Although Black Star floats in an ether all its own and speaks on its own breathtaking terms.

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