Saturday, June 17, 2017


My gang at work made this guitar for Boulevardia--a cool interactive that folks were having fun with.  Strummable, with buttons for chord selection.  The stickers on the guitar are bands who played the festival.

I got to the West Bottoms early, flying solo and hoping to beat the heat, but it was already so hot that sweat was sweating.  I caught a couple bands, including The No B.S. Brass band (featuring THREE TROMBONES) and had a killer spinach and goat-cheese crepe.  

I also checked out the maker's tent and bought a copy of The Fall's Live At The Witch Trials from my neighbor Sherman who was spinning some records at The Vinyl Underground's booth.

Then I made the crazy decision to walk all the way to Underdog Wine in Union Hill area, where my sweetheart was working a half day at the best wine shop in KC.  I had my 2017 vinyl playlist on Spotify and chugged along but it was hot as hell and I thanked the good people at Gold Bond Powder.


Downtown KC is hopping right now, so many new structures going up, it's like walking through a Richard Scarry tableau.  I finally dropped my transmission at 18th and Oak and had to pull into to Border Brewing Company for an excellent IPA, then walked the rest of the way to Union Hill, working on about my tenth quart of water.

Wonder Woman was sold out in the afternoon so we watched Jim Jarmusch's most recent movie Patterson, upstairs on that most luddite of formats, Neflix DVD.  It was slow and thoughtful and full of poetry, I liked it very much.  

Then out to the garden for another round of hardcore sweatiness and weeding the garden beds, followed by a massive thunderstorm and the single loudest crack of thunder I've heard in my entire life.  There was a river in the street and everyone was on their porch checking it out.

Shrimp and polenta went well with the finale of Netflix's documentary about the American presidency, House of Cards.  In this day and age, it's good to stay in touch with a realistic, nuts-and-bolts view of politics and governance.  The menu was missing only a Caesar salad.


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