Monday, July 4, 2011

Black Boots

After 4-tracking on a Porta II for ten years and then graduating to Garageband, I finally got a decent condenser mic, a Rode NT1A w/ a pop screen that isn't a pair of nylons stretched over a coat hanger. Not sure how this helped the proceedings, but this is my first go with it.

The Golden Motors have a couple fun gigs coming up: The Sam Bond's Garage Anniversary on 7/23, and The Eugene Celebration on 7/27. I'm also playing an acoustic show w/ Peter Wilde at The Oregon Country Fair on 7/10.

I'm in the home stretch on The Troubled Man, by Henning Mankell.

Music-wise I'm sure into the new J. Mascis acoustic record...and Tracy gave me a recent Pollard, "Space City Kicks" on pink vinyl. Also digging random Grateful Dead live tapes, the new Greg Brown, Danny Barnes' Pizza Box and the Tommy Keene anthology Tommy Keene You Hear Me. The new Meat Puppets is awesome music for puttering around the mini-ranchette, too.
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