Thursday, July 14, 2011

Antonioni, Hot Peppers, and Wallander

Yesterday I picked up a couple of price-reduced pepper plants at Fred Meyer. Not sure planting tomatoes and peppers in mid-July is gonna make for anything other than pretty plants and something for me to check on. I clustered some snapdragons and pansies and herbs around them just to make sure something is going on in that garden bed. I'm hoping we get a good stretch of sun here in July and August. This Spr'ummer (April-to-early-July) was a straight shot of March in misty Wales.

Spinning the new Gregg Allman and the new Mark Knopfler--both deep, unpretentious, soulful records flowed my way from friends. Awesome.

I created a Facebook page for Dan Jones and The Squids, and one for The Golden Motors. Be sure to LIKE us! Squids shows in Portland and Seattle late this summer. The Golden Motors are playing the Whiteaker Street Fair and The Eugene Celebration. Lining up some McMennamin's solo gigs for October.

I finshed the latest Henning Mankell novel in the Inspector Wallender series, The Troubled Man. Not like any of the others, with a breathtaking ending that I won't give away. Next up: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. I liked the first two chapters alot.

I'm still in the "A" section of Have You Seen... by David Thomson. This is kind of a ridiculous assignment I've given myself--to watch every movie in this book that I haven't seen already! Probably a ten year project. I currently have an early Antonioni film called Le Amiche, one that predates his classics. I like not knowing what the next movie will be, and knowing that it will be an interesting choice, if not necessarily something I like.

Running-wise I'm up to four miles, two to three times a week. I know three is better. Mike Last tells me he had a trainer who called these LSR's. Long Slow Runs. I get alot of Ipod time to keep up with all the trending and taste-making. It's so awesome when Off! songs come on.
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