Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ipod Shuffle, 15 laps w/ track cat

I added a lap last night and was tailed by a cat I'll call Nike The Track Cat. One guy did intense sprints on the field and was a blur of elbows and knees, shadow-boxing in the endzone at the end of each. A trio of large ladies were walking and talking. And an enormous oblong nectarine moon rose above the ridge during Daniel Lanois' song "Todos Santos." Dropped me down a level to a desert floor under the local water table. And later it occurred to me, I'm running three 5 K's a week, why not run a real one? The Beatles "It's All Too Much" kicked things off--a song of a certain kind of melodic noisiness that is very low-fi, not that different from a Swell Maps number. One of my favorites, a real freak out.

The Beatles: It's All Too Much
Freedy Johnston: Lonely Penny
The Takeovers: Fairly Blacking Out
Volcano Suns: Sea Cruise
The Replacements: Skyway
Los Lobos: River of Fools
Tinariwen: Desert Wind
New Order: Touched By The Hand of God
Los Lobos: When The Circus Comes
John Lennon: Out of The Blue
Bettye LaVette: You'll Never Change
Redd Kross: Burnout
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats: Idyll
Overpass: Manhattan (Beach)
Ornette Coleman Trio: Riddle
Casey Neilll & The Norway Rats: Guttered
Daniel Lanois: Todos Santos
Jay Farrar: Jam
JJ Johnson: Audobon
The Jesus Lizard: Elegy
Bob Dylan: TV Talkin' Song
Chic: When You Love Someone
Laura Nyro: And When I Die (live)
The Fireman: Is This Love

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