Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jogging Slow to Chic's Greatest Hits

It has been a good few weeks for running, feeling stronger and more resilient from plugging away around the four-mile mark two or three times a week, and not feeling quite as doggy doing it. Warm evenings, warm light at dusk. It's summer. I know there are alot of approaches to it--I see people sprinting, then walking; sprinting, then jogging. Occasionally someone runs quite a few laps at a fast pace that I am kind of envious of. (This is alot like feeling insecure about someone who can rip off alot more notes in a guitar solo than I can.) But I like to go for more distance and maybe get a tick faster every couple months or something, I dunno.

Last night's run was remarkable because it came two hours after a direct collision between me and a Red Baron pizza, which I won, in some respects, while reading The Power of One. I thought it would make running hard, but it was totally fine. Chic began and ended the playlist:

Don't be a drag

Clams on the half shell
And roller-skates.

Chic: My Feet Keep Dancing
Mike Watt: Funnel-Capped Man
Grateful Dead: Around and Around
Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness
The Magnetic Fields: Drive On, Driver
Lester Young: I Want A Little Girl
Celtic Frost: Journey Into Fear
Off!: Upside Down
Cesar Rojas: Little Heaven
Pat Metheny: Inori
Overpass: Slohand Pachuco
Los Lobos: Dream In Blue
Volcano Suns: The Central
Steve Wynn & The Miracle Three: Consider The Source
Tommy Keene: Underworld
Keene Brothers: Death of The Party
Los Lobos: Evangeline
Cesar Rosas: Angelito
The Fireman: Light From Your Lighthouse
Casey Neilll & The Norway Rats: Radio Montana
Chic: Good Times

I downloaded a cool app for my Droid called Retro Camera and took these shots on my bike commute this week. I ride along the slough for alot of my commute--herons are always fun to see. Once this one got my attention I stopped long enough to notice some cool graffiti and interesting floating flora.

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