Saturday, July 30, 2011

Short playlist from a shorter, maybe faster, run...

I'm not one to let the exercise get in the way of dinner, so I made it a short run tonight, 2 + miles at a quicker pace than the usual. I must have upped the pace because I sweated alot more, breathed alot harder, and was on the verge of a stitch in my gut off and on. Still, I got passed by a dandelion fluff ball on the wind. Still sweating an hour later after cranking some Descendents Enjoy! while I took a shower. Summer is here. Now we are going to June, or if it is too busy, The Rabbit.

I watched the rest of Andrei Rubelev last night and today. It was an amazing film.

Today at Saturday Market someone asked me if I was glad I didn't live in Kansas City with the heat and humidity there. I said, "well, no, I miss it." And he pursued that line, saying "that miserable heat and all those Tea Party wingnuts!" And I said "that's a reduction of Kansas City I don't agree with in the least." And he got pissed off and stomped away, saying he'd lived there for 40 years and he oughtta know. I sure miss KC.

The Fireman: Lifelong Passion
Fucked Up: The Black Hats
Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd: She Will Destroy You
Loose Fur: Carnival Knowledge
Lester Young: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Joanna Newsom: Sprout and the Bean
Kid Cudi: Up Up and Away
John Lennon: Meat City
The Pedaljets: Small Towns
Imogen Heap: Loose Ends
Judas Priest: Metal Gods
Kid Cuti: Solo Dolo
Red Kross: Burn-Out
Mudhoney: Have to Laugh

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