Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ipod playlist from a particularly long, slow jog

ornette coleman: doughnuts (live in Stockholm)
slayer: expendable youth
tommy keene: highwire days
pat metheny: night becomes you (live in tokyo)
nikki sudden: death is hanging over me
overpass: parachutes
david sylvian: pollen path
nikki sudden: the last bandit
magnetic fields: 3-way
pedal jets: stipple county
daniel lanois: two worlds
fucked up: no epiphany
kid cudi: trapped in my mind
airport 5: total exposure
circus devils: festival of death
pedal jets: looking out my window
pete townshend: white city
jesus lizard: low rider

I picked up The Overpass cd at the Mike Watt show. Overpass is 3/5's of the band Slovenly and features the guitar awesomeness of Tom Watson. This session at the track was remarkably slow and did not hit stride until about lap 11. Often people come and go while I'm running, and run alot faster than I do. But I'm the only plodder doing 14 laps.

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