Monday, October 3, 2011

Back in the valley.

Enjoying this book....

We turned the heater on yesterday, our first full day back from Spain.  The annual ritual of scorching dust in the furnace and the gurgle of downspouts overwhelmed with the first big rain was not quite what I was looking forward to about coming home.  I'm thinking horse pills of vitamin D, ASAP.  And Lorca poems next to the full spectrum lamp.

Today is day 2--some jet lag backlash but overall getting back on west coast USA time.  Weird to be having large cups of brewed coffee again (one of which, in my fog, I spilled all over my desk).  Weird also to have a yard that is as big as some of the small parks we saw.  I miss seeing old guys lined up three and four on benches on the square, pretending not to notice the young guys hot-rodding on their scooters and motorcycles.

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