Saturday, October 22, 2011

Really enjoyed the Replacements documentary Color Me Obsessed. Ed Cole and I had a whole bunch of candy and soda and had a good time. The renovated Bijou is really sharp. 

I also watched You, The Living, a Swedish movie that came out a couple years ago.  It was comprised of 50 vignettes, some wickedly laugh-but-not-outloud funny; the truly dreary bits set up the laughs.  I took in the better part of it in kind of a burned out state and wondered if I was just being a bummer art movie addict. But I think it's one that one would be worth watching again.  Afterwards I read up on it some and learned that the entire thing was constructed on soundstages--fifty settings, fifty scenes, truly a massive undertaking for something very modest in many ways. (Comparisons made in write-ups to Synecdoche, New York.) Unique--I can't think of another movie like it, that I have seen.  Here's an Ebert spiel on it.

Very sad about our town losing J.P. from Whopner County All-Stars. Thinking of his family and friends and close community.
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