Friday, October 21, 2011

Creeping Tendrils Literary Review

I finished The Ruins by Scott Smith and the nasturteums started to drag it away. This always happens when I finish a book. This one was remarkable for its sustained tension--unrelieved stress and improvised coping under bizarre circumstances. I expected more B-movie shocks, but really it was more like a play on one set, with personalities interacting and the mystery remaining mostly opaque and creepy. Whew. Couldn't put it down, but am ready to read a cooking magazine or something.Gig at Territorial was fun last night--three piece acoustic style. Not something we practiced more than once, but we pulled it off and had a good time. Nice to play in a new room, very comfy, good pinot noir, and I am grateful as always for friends new and old who showed up and made it a good time. At the end of the night we plugged my acoustic into Dan's p.a. head and it sounded awesome, after getting a cloudy, limited, kind of yucko sound out of my Ampeg. Gotta keep fine-tuning that stuff. The sonics of acoustic shows take way more work than setting up as a garage band.
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