Saturday, December 10, 2011

introducing...the new golden motors cd...

I'm well into this one--I like it. A random Border's score...before Borders ate the big 'un.  I'll really miss the random Border's scores.  But books will keep on keepin' on because people need good stories almost as much as food, spring training, and fermented beverages.

And here it is, The Golden Motors cd, art by Eric Sutton, layout by Dave Snider, music by The Golden Motors.  Very proud of all of our efforts to cough up this rock and roll fuzzball!

Well, we're down in the bottom of the winter trough here in the Valley--about ten days til the Solstice.  It was too cold to hit the garage studio this last week and for about three days I went without my full spectrum light, which is right here on the countertop blasting me while I doodle, scribble, and strum.  And after going those three days, I felt like I had neoprene wrapped around my brain.  Must highly recommend the light treatment for foggy valley dwellers.

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