Sunday, December 4, 2011

Track Attack Ipod Shuffle

 I-Shuffle 4.5 miles list....not the best/not the worst run ever....

Saccarine Trust/I Have...
Fucked Up/Ship of Fools
Danny Barnes/Bone
Laura Nyro/Lu
Lester Young/Four O'Clock Drag
Laura Nyro/Blowing Away
Mike Watt/Finger-Pointing Man
Judas Pries/Metal Gods
Metheny Meldau/Fear and Trembling 
Pretty Lights/?
Bettye LaVette/Joy
Imogen Heap/I Am In Love With You
No Age/Glitter
Robert Pollard w/ Doug Gillard/ Do Something Real
Pat Metheny/Inori
Nick Lowe/Indian Queens
The Fall/Weather Report 2
Fucked Up/Lights Go Up
Sonic Youth/Poison Arrow
Young Fresh Fellows/Let The Good Times Crawl

This was a powerful documentary about Tibet: Cry Of The Snow Lion

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