Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going to See a Horse About A Man at Cozmic

On the way to the show on Saturday, I ran into man walking a horse named Sunny at the corner of 18th and Tyler.

Purple Sparrows @ Cozmic 2/4

The show Saturday was really a special one--Cozmic was packed out for Breathe, Owl, Breathe, and the vibes were good.  Over the years I have seen a few shows at Cozmic when it was still Cozmic Pizza, and they were always sort of vacant.  Hippy pizza didn't help.  The venue is really rocking now, the pizza is awesome, the service is great, the sound system revamped, and Alec runs the house really tight.

It was some kind of omen that I ran into a man walking a horse with a rope, down the sidewalk on 18th.  It was a beautiful moment, sort of sad and sweet, one that I never will forget.  Like the time I saw a beaver on 5th and Taylor during a quasi-flood.  Everyone says "nah, that was a nutria."  But nutria do not have gigantic flat tails and gigantic buck teeth, do they? No. This was a beaver far from home.  As were this horse and this man, walking from Bailey Hill Road all the way to Springfield.

The Purple Sparrows were cool, I like their sound and want to see them again. Breathe, Owl, Breathe is a powerful, super creative live band.  I asked their singer Micah if he was into Arthur Russell and he confirmed that yep indeed he was.  That's where maybe the band departs from typical indie acoustic bands of our day.  The elasticity of the grooves--often held together by the cello, and not the sawing-away-a-harmonic-pad-kind-of-cello but an impeccably played, grooving cello. 

Actually, I don't know that much about the indie acoustic bands of our day. So I'm talking out of school.  But this was not tepid music for selling Volkswagons or I-pads; it was walking a different kind of art rock wire.

Also, Claire Flint took some pix of just me and my guitar.  I like this one.  She has posted photos from the whole show here.  Way to go Claire!

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