Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tiger In A Crate

Here's a blog single from the new platter... Excited about a show on the calendar, March 10 @ The Oak Street Speakeasy, with Ryan Tocchini's new band Psyrop. Ryan played in The Squids for a while, in Saltlick, and in multiple bands of his own. He is go-to, rock solid, one of the good ones. The combo I knew best was his thunderous Blue-Cheer-on-Ween blasteroid band called Arse. So whatever he has cooking is gonna be fun. The show also features The Soothesayers, Eugene's answer to Nuggets-era garage punk. Their guitarist Brian is also our awesomest neighbor, host of Fondue Friday, and the guy we call when our pets need looking in on.

I was sick like dog this week, but finally found my feet again and got in a 45 minute swim and a long walk in the sun with Dozer. SUNSHINE! WOW! Also got to dig in to this book by Jo Nesbo:

It's trippy that after I sang Shania Twain's "Still The One" at Guilty Pleasures II last weekend, I am reading a book that makes multiple Shania references.  We're also watching Breaking Bad, in which the main character's brother-in-law praises her frequently.   That's what happens when you make the Thriller of pop country.  And by that I mean, a damn good record, by a great singer, and not really a guilty pleasure at all.
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